Meat and Poultry
Seapass is offering a wide range of pork and poultry products to its international clients. With the experience in the industry, our professionals know well the preferences of clients from different cultures, and find the best products from the specific suppliers accordingly. 

Canadian pork enjoys the reputation for its high standards in food safety and quality.  We work closely with Canadian major pork packers whose meat is federally inspected and approved, which ensures that products imported by clients are under strict quality supervision. Seapass is also sourcing pork products from several federally-authorized establishments in the United States.

We are supplying another major category of products - chicken cuts from the United States where the products are exported after inspections of USDA.

Other products
Seapass is marketing Asian products, such as frozen vegetables and fishes into the North American market. Please feel free to contact us for any help our experienced traders can assist.

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